Art Therapy in Mexico

junio 8, 2017
Ventajas y Desventajas de la Terapia de Arte
junio 8, 2017
Mexican traditions and art therapy
junio 8, 2017

Art Therapy in Mexico

Dra. Glenda Nosovsky

Through the veins of the Mexican people flow art.

Millions of men and women of all ages work with all kind of materials within their reach to produce beautiful and useful objects for their homes, work, ornament, rituals, and to be in touch with their culture and with themselves.
The Mexican people are very creative. This creativity allows them to materialize their thoughts, feelings, dreams and the will to communicate trough their art.
All this art, which is handcrafted or produced with simple technical procedures and in which the creativity and the human hand play the primary role, represent in addition to a satisfactor for their social needs, a source of making a living.
Mexican artists are very versatile and ingenious with objects found in nature and the creative combination of colors and textures they produce wood carving, ceramics, stone ornaments, blown glass, gold and silver jewelry, hand made clothing, stone and wood sculpture, talavera mosaics, wrought iron and many other art objects.
Throughout the Mexican history we can found countless artists. Most of them remain anonymous, and have become part of our popular art. One of the best known Mexican artists is Frida Kahlo who succeeds in melting creativity, art and life which results in painting with a physical and psychological experience.
Art supports life and life nourishes art. Frida Kahlo stages her existential conflicts projecting her pain in her paintings which become the catharsis that allows her life to be remodeling through art she penetrates in the world of pain and anguish to mitigate her physical pain and her emotional loneliness.
For Frida Kahlo, as well as for many others, painting gave her a way out for not dying in life. Art gives the opportunity to explore emotional pain and transform it in health.
CITA (Centro Integral de Terapia de Arte) was founded in 1998 as an answer to the need of finding new therapeutic alternatives.
CITA is an institution dedicated to help human beings in their integration process. It bases its principles in the respect and recognition of their creative and transformation capacities.
We use artistic materials that allow evoking individual images working with them as a therapeutic method.
We work with problems separating them from the individual, externalizing them to allow the individual to recognize and isolate them, so that they can be manipulated and solved.
We use art therapy as a method to recognize the images that allow the transformation and the healing process.
The exercises are focused on development activities that give the opportunity to recognize, resolve and grow.
CITA has as one of its main goals that the individual will learn to live in a creative way, that means that he can apply creativity in all areas of his life.
CITA is an institution that promotes mental health.
The services we offer are:
  • Individual therapy (children, adolescents, and adults)
  • Couple therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Training programs
  • Clinical supervision
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
As Mexicans we join our brushes to the brushes of all art therapists in all corners of the earth to paint a better world.

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